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What is Boudoir?

OK, so you have been hearing about boudoir photography but not sure what it is. Who should do it? Why? What does is entail?  

First thing first….how do you actually pronounce the word?  

Boudoir – pronounced  bŏo dwăawr

French for a woman’s private room or bedroom, or in photography terms, a bedroom, hotel or somewhere that creates an intimate setting for classy and romantic images. So my job  is to capture you in the most flattering poses that fit your body type. As a photographer, there’s nothing more rewarding than making you leave your shoot feeling confident and sexy.

Who should go for boudoir photography?

1. A woman that wants to surprise that special one in her life with a unique and personal gift…. 

2. A woman that needs a confidence boost.......

3. A woman that is already confident and just wants to strut her sexy stuff in front of the camera and have some fun! 

 4. A woman that wants to capture her beauty forever..

5. A woman size 0 to……100, there is no size, weight, or height limitations. Every woman is beautiful in her own special way and boudoir photography is there to help you bring it out.  


My boudoir sessions are in the comfort of your home or sometimes I do special marathons at local hotels.

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