Tips For Great Getting Ready Photos On Your Wedding Day

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 Tips For Great Getting Ready Photos


Location. Location.Location.

You’ll love your pictures when they are taken in a room that is orderly, not cluttered, and has some natural light options. I LOVE natural light! The light pouring in from a window is much more flattering that overhead fluorescents that can create shadows and tint skin with a yellow tone. Ideally, you and your fiance will get ready in locations near each other, making better use of the time you have me for your photographer on your wedding day.

Schedule me for the right time.

When we meet one month prior to your wedding date, we will go over what is expected of that day and create a shot list and timeline. It is recommended that I arrive after your hair and makeup are almost completed (or nearly), but before you begin getting dressed. While your finishing touches are being applied, I can capture your wedding day details like the dress, shoes, jewelry, and other items. It’s common to capture photos of the bride’s bouquet, jewelry, shoes, dress, handkerchiefs, invitation, something old, new, borrowed and blue and other personal items. The groom’s cufflinks, pocket watch, boutonniere and attire is also commonly photographed. Any items you will give to your parents or bridal party attendant gifts are also photographed during this time.


Let family members and bridal party know they are needed.

I usually like to get a good shot of each set of parents with the bride and groom before the ceremony, especially the bride and her dad and the grooms mom putting on his boutonniere.  It’s not uncommon for family members to begin visiting guests or attending to other issues. Letting them know in advance that they will be needed for a few photos, keeps everyone on the same page.

First Look.

More couples are choosing to meet in private before the ceremony, allowing for some beautiful and intimate photography and videography to be captured. It can be a private event for the couple or shared with close friends and family. This time is a low pressure, yet highly emotional, way to spend a few special moments as a couple before walking down the aisle. If your wedding day timeline is tight a first look session can allow you to create amazing images, without sacrificing time with your guests. Most often, the groom is positioned so that his back is to his bride. Your photographer and videographer can then capture your approach to the groom and the moment when he gets the first look.

Of course each wedding is different! I can customize any wedding day timeline to best suit your vision of you day!


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