The Value of Photography- Grand Blanc Michigan Photographer

January 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I can't tell you how many times...

..someone has messaged, emailed me or i have seen on Facebook saying how much they love my work and want to book a session with me. I think Great! Awesome! Let's go!. I then proceed to give them all of my pricing, contract, and the other "biz" stuff that all goes into this thing. THEN, a break in the conversation, silence.

you charge... THAT?

Okay, so let's take a minute and think about this. At first sight you might think I am just a bit crazy, all I do is point a camera in someones face and click the button. All it is is a nice expensive DSLR that anyone can buy, someone with that same camera can do just as good and even for FREE. Right? Well...yes and NO.


(can you see the difference here) Same kid, same photographer, both taken with a "nice, expensive camera,4 years apart. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN a relative with a camera, a friend who does "cheap photos" and an experienced professional.)


When you hire a professional photographer, you are not just getting "pretty photos"


You get:


Someone who has the experience with posing, lighting, manual camera settings, & custom editing.

Someone who gives your time with them value because these are going to be photos that hang on your wall, that you send to friends and family and photos you cherish for generations.

Someone who invests in their business to make it better, takes courses, continues education and keeps up with all the latest trends in prints and other professional photo products.

Someone who customizes the photo session for YOU!

But my point today is NOT about how much the photographer has to invest in their business, but as the client who chooses to invest in custom photography. If you truely admire your photos of your family then treat the photo session as a luxury, not the cheapest value you can get.

You do get what you pay for, in anything you buy.







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