The top 5 questions to ask your wedding photographer

December 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

So you just got engaged?! Congrats!

What is one of the first things you do after you get engaged? Most likely you are going to find a photographer who can do some engagement photos for you to get the word out that you are getting married!

But, where do you even begin looking for that photographer who can to make sure the photos of the most important day of your life are all that they can be!

Once you find a couple photographers that you are interested in (yes, shop around and see who you think will be the best fit for YOU and YOUR wedding day), here are the top 5 questions you should ask them!


1. Ask your photographer: if he or she is willing to work with a list of “do” or “don’t” shots. As a professional, your photographer will know how to capture the special moments in your wedding day, but if there are any shots that you must have (did you hand-make incredible centerpieces? Have a favorite family member the two of you want a photo with?), definitely let them know!

2. Ask your photographer: to see the photos from a complete wedding from start to finish and for references. You want to see the full span of your potential photographer’s work, not just the best images in his portfolio before you make a decision. Also, it is important that you sign a contract with your photographer so you both know what to expect from the photography service.

3. Ask your photographer: how he or she will share your photos with you after they’re edited and complete. Will you receive a disk with full rights to the images? Access to proofs online? Or an album from which to select prints. It’s also good to know how soon the two of you can expect to see photos after the wedding day.

4. Ask your photographer: what she charges for overtime. This is important to know in case your wedding runs longer or later than planned, and so you can be aware of any potential extra charges.

5. Ask your photographer: to set up an engagement session! This is a perfect way for the two of you to get to know your photographer, as well as gain some level of comfort with being in front of the camera. Some photographers even throw in an engagement session with the wedding day package you purchase!

Of course there are many more questions you will need to ask your photographer, but this is a simple list to get you started! Good Luck on the wedding planning!




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