Light Up Your Life | Project 52|Week 1 Break the Rule of Thirds

January 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Happy 2013!

This year , I am trying something new. Something new to boost my creativity and to get to know my camera better. I joined a project with some other photographers from around the world. We have a facebook group and have fun looking at each other's photography. This project is called "Light up your life" and was started by this awesome chick,

To sum it up, each week will feature a "theme of photography" , this week was the challenge to break the rule of thirds, one of the main principles, 'rules" of basic photography. While doing these weekly themes our overall challenge is to find the light that surounds us. Whether its sunlight, candles, lamps, whatever and create something awesome out of it.

Here is my entry for week one, breaking the rule of thirds. These were both taken at 8:15 PM. Took 15 sec exposures at f14. These look so eary to me, almost like it's Halloween instead of January 6th.




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